Why You Should Rent a Virtual Mailbox in Maryland

Let’s say you’re a busy entrepreneur who has to travel frequently for business. Or maybe you’re a college student who lives out of state, so you find yourself going back and forth throughout the year. Maybe you’ve had issues with mail being stolen when delivered to your home, or with missing packages. These are problems that our customers at Postal Xpress N More frequently have, and we’re happy to help. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may find yourself in need of a virtual mailbox rental.

A virtual mailbox isn’t quite a PO box, but many business owners find it more advanced and more helpful. In today’s blog, let’s break down what a virtual mailbox in Maryland can do for you and answer the question of “finding a virtual mailbox near me.”


A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox attached to a physical address. For instance, when you rent a virtual mailbox through Postal Xpress N More, your mail is delivered in Maryland to your physical mailing address. However, it’s also sent to your virtual mailing address, so you can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. When you receive mail, you’ll be able to access that from your device. Not only can you see exactly what your mail is, but you can forward it, discard or shred it, or scan it into the cloud all from your virtual mailing address.

Your mail can be accessed virtually 24/7, rather than simply being contingent on the business hours of the location of your physical mailing address. In the event that you need a physical copy of your mail, you can come to Postal Xpress N More to pick it up.


Postal Xpress N More serves both businesses and individuals, and we see both types of customers as renters of virtual mailboxes. If you receive mail frequently due to your work, but you don’t want that mail delivered to your house, you may benefit from a virtual mailbox. Students who attend school in one state and live in a different state will sometimes rent a virtual mailbox, as well as expats or seasonal residents. If you’ve just moved to a new area and you’re still looking for your permanent home, a virtual mailbox may be just what you need to organize your mail in the meantime.


We’re living in a very digital age. Virtual mailboxes form the bridge between email and physical mail. It doesn’t take away from the necessity of physical mail, but offers more convenience than a P.O. Box, which requires customers to travel to the physical location to see their mail. With a virtual mailing address, it’s easier than ever to toss out your junk mail before you ever have to see it. It also allows you to make fewer trips to the physical mailbox, because you can do so much simply through your device. You can even add a phone line and deposit checks through your virtual mailbox.


The only way your virtual mailbox rental could be more convenient is if you could rent it from the same place that met all your other copying, shipping, and business needs. That’s why Postal Xpress N More is happy to offer virtual mailbox rentals. Located in Ellicott City, Maryland, we’re more than just a copying and shipping supply store. Our vast array of services includes custom printing, notaries, MVA title services, even truck rentals and gift baskets. And that’s just the beginning. When you rent a virtual mailbox with us, you can take care of all of your business needs and even many personal needs along with your mail. It’s convenience, efficiency, and committed customer service all in one go.

Are you interested in a virtual mailbox rental of your own? Contact Postal Xpress N More today for more information.