Virtual and In-Store Mailboxes

Virtual and In-Store Mailboxes

Virtual Mailboxes

virtual mailboxAre you a busy entrepreneur and find that you cannot find time to go to a physical location and pick up your mail? Or are you a traveler? This makes it nearly impossible to land long enough to run the errand to pick up mail! Perhaps, you are a student and very busy with classes?

Do you work from home? If security & confidentiality of your location is important to you, a virtual mailbox creates a street address without publishing your home location.

A Virtual Mailbox is a great solution for all of these types of situations and for many more! We offer virtual mailboxes that you can check your mail virtually, from anywhere! View your mail and packages online 24/7 – 365 days a year. You can use any device – a PC, a MAC, your Smartphone, a Tablet and your mail is available at whatever time you are.

Another helpful feature of a Virtual Mailbox is that you can have your mail or packages forwarded to your physical location, whatever that may be. Want to be reminded of your mail? You can select notifications for your phone or email reminders from your Virtual Mailbox.

 This service is simple, reliable, and secure. Now you can stay connected, save time, store documents, and protect your privacy all from one easy-to-use web based application.  Are you ready to sign up for your virtual mailbox services? CLICK HERE to sign up.

Physical Private Mailboxes

Would you prefer to have a Private Physical Mailbox with your own address to physically pick up your mail and packages? We offer in store mailboxes also! You can access your mailbox in our lobby. Our mailbox lobby is lit, secured and we’re open late to accommodate your busy schedule. 

A few of the reasons why people find value in a mailbox with Postal Xpress N More:

  • Permanent address – Do you move often? Tired of it taking forever for your mail to catch up to where you are now? With a mailbox from us, you have your mail and packages consistently going to the same address, making it faster and easier for you to receive your mail
  • Notifications – We’ll email or text you when you have mail or a package. How convenient is that for you to easily know when to come in to check your mailbox; no guessing
  • Free Package Receiving – We accept packages and mail from the Post Office, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and couriers, so you’ll never miss a delivery again! We’ll sign for it and keep it safe until you can pick it up.
  • Street Address – We give you a real street, physical address not just a P.O. Box number and that gives you more credibility.

One of the main values to our customers who rent either Virtual Mailboxes or Physical Mailboxes from Postal Xpress N More is the security and confidentiality that these mailboxes provide for them personally and for their businesses.

Security & Confidentiality

By signing up for a Virtual Mailbox or a Physical Mailbox with us at Postal Xpress N More, you will have peace of mind know that your mail and packages are secure, safe and protected.

Here are some ways we keep your mail & packages secure:

  • No way can thieves steal your mail or packages from your home mailbox or front porch. We will keep all secure for you.
  • Signatures – No longer will you need to worry if a signature is required; no having your mail or packages held because you could not sign for it as you were not home, we’ll handle!

Get started today and sign up for a Virtual Mailbox or a Physical Mailbox at our location. If you own your business and/or work from home, this will give you the professional impression to clients that you need. If you are a private resident, this gives you the permanent address, security and convenience you want.

Today’s world is ever changing and being able to access your mail and packages in a timely and safe manner is more important than ever before! Having the connection and communication to your business clients, vendors and partners is strategically important. Being in touch with family and friends is vital to all of us in this world.

Get your Virtual Mailbox set up and activated today or reserve your Mailbox Number for a private mailbox by following the steps below!

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