The Power of Unique Promotional Products

Have you ever watched a parade with various clubs and businesses passing by, when all of a sudden you catch a frisbee with a business name on it? Or maybe you’ve been walking through a music festival when you’re handed a t-shirt with a sponsor name on the front. Even on a smaller scale, maybe you went to sign a form at the optometrist’s office and you were told to take a pen to keep with their business name, phone number, and location printed neatly on the front.

All of these items are unique promotional products, and they can help boost the visibility of your brand faster and more effectively than you ever thought was possible. While you might toss aside the frisbee or the stress ball with a business name printed on it, it’s less likely that you’ll dispose of something useful. Keep this in mind as you choose promotional items to give to customers.


We live in a world where, when we are given something, it is in our nature to reciprocate the gift. Think about it—even at parties where a host or hostess is selling candles, Tupperware, or another item, they often give away prizes for free. In turn, those who win the prizes are significantly more likely to purchase something in order to reciprocate. This is because of the psychology of persuasion. We are all taught in childhood that we should reciprocate gifts with other gifts, and there is not a single society in the world that we know of that does not teach this to its children. By giving a unique promotional product to someone, you are increasing your chances of them choosing to do business with you.


If you aren’t sure which item makes the most sense for your business, take a look at the following tips to help make your choice:

  • Choose something relevant. If you sell something online, perhaps choose to give away an item that people will want to keep on their desks, such as a pen or a flash drive with your business name on it. Of course, we have found that golf balls and other related items are an exception, as many business decisions are made on the golf course.
  • Stand out above the rest. Adding something clever or humorous to your promotional gift will inspire laughter and make your brand more memorable than the competition. Cleverness will also inspire people to show this item to their friends and family to share in the humor. For example, a boxing and fitness class gym may choose to give out koozies that say something like, “Just kickin’ back” with their business information on the other side. Feel free to make cheesy jokes!
  • Personalize them. While this may cost a bit extra, people love receiving items with their name on them. Put your business information on one portion of the item, and leave space for a name on the other side. Coca Cola’s marketing strategy of putting people’s names on their beverages has been wildly successful—people continue to search for their own names or the names of loved ones to share with them.
  • Give them something useful. People may not keep the frisbee you give them, but they will happily hang onto a letter opener or keep a branded pair of sunglasses in their car. Regardless of what you choose, your business name will be sure to pop up repeatedly, making it much more likely for those who receive one of your items to contact you.


While a business card can be wildly successful when it comes to marketing, giving away promotional items is the next best thing. It’s much harder to throw away something with utility than it is to dispose of a business card. Get creative with it! Your marketing campaign is only limited to you and your team’s imagination. Break beyond the normal and stand out from your competitors with an affordable alternative to simple TV and print advertising methods.

For great priced, unique promotional products you can distribute to market your business, contact Postal Xpress N More. We look forward to helping you reach more people than you ever thought possible. Just give us your logo, what you want on the item, and we will handle the rest. Call now to place your order and begin down the road to success.