Shipping Dos and Don’ts For Small Businesses

Creating a small business is not an easy task. There are a number of things to take care of and you have to do most of these on your own. To ensure your customers have the best experience with your business you need to make sure all the steps of the business, right from the making of products to their delivery, are done in the most seamless way possible. Shipping goods to the customers is an important aspect to master. You need to ensure your customers get the products in a timely manner. You can choose any shipping company you want like FedEx Ellicott City for the shipping services but there are some dos and don’ts you have to keep in mind about shipping to ensure the products are shipped in an efficient manner and you can get good reviews for your business.

Here is a list of shipping dos and don’ts every small business should know about.


Establishing a Reliable Carrier Base

The first thing a small business should do is establishing a reliable carrier base. If you are located in Baltimore National Pike, choosing FedEx Baltimore National Pike is a great idea. Choosing the right carrier base will ensure your customers have a good experience with your business. Making use of an established shipping service like FedEx will give your small business benefits because these shipping companies are professional in their conduct and have a proper check and balance system. More importantly, you can trust these people because they have been in the business for long.

Before you select the shipping company, make sure you research the pricing and the other features they offer. Also cross reference at least a couple of shipping companies and compare their costs and benefits before deciding on one.

Make the Package Secure

Before you send your package to FedEx drop off, it is important to make sure the package is packed securely. Ensure proper sealing of the package using proper packing tape at all possible entry points. With a single or double piece of tape, you can secure your package and keep it safe from opening in transit before reaching the customer. One of the most common complaints customers have from small business is not packaging their products securely which results in having a bad customer experience.

Check Your Shipment before Dispatching

You are going to save yourself a lot of trouble if you make it a habit checking your shipment before dispatching it. Double-check the packaging, and make sure the shipping address is right. Also check the phone number and all other details of the customers. You don’t want to end up sending the wrong product to the customers. Therefore, check if you are shipping the right product to the right customer before dispatching it for shipping.


Using Packing Peanuts

While these were once considered a staple for shipping products, it doesn’t fully support the contents of the package and can be a messy business too. It is better to use air puffed bags for shipping your products safely to your customers. These bags offer a much more secure fit and will keep the contents of the package safe during shipment.

Shipping Half-Full Boxes

It is important not to ship packages in boxes that are half-full. If you leave out empty spaces in the box, it would create a void that can damage the package. To ensure there is no damage to the products during shipment, it is important to fill the boxes to the top. If the product doesn’t fit, add in packing material to keep the product at its place.

Reusing Packing Material

When shipping products to your customers, do not use packing that has already been used such as weakened boxes, deflated air bags and popped bubble wraps. If the material is still in its pristine condition, you can reuse it. However, as a general rule, avoid using already used packing materials to ensure the package and the contents of it reach the customers safe and sound.

Mishandling the Package

It is important to treat the package with care. Do not mishandle the package. If there are some fragile items in the package, mark the package clearly and tell the shipment company about it as well to ensure the products reach the customers in the perfect condition.

As a small business, you need to give extra attention to the shipment of your products. This will go a long way into making your business successful.

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