Packages to Ship? Shipping Services with us are Super Easy!

Packages to Ship? Shipping Services with us are Super Easy!

fedexDo you have packages that you need to ship? Do you need to send care packages to your college student, adult child who you cannot see now, or a friend? Do you need shipping services for your small to medium business products, papers, documents or other items

We offer a variety of super easy shipping options for our customers! We can ship your packages for you using any of these:

• FedEx
• International Options are also available
• Pick Up of Packages (within a local area)

Let our team of experts at Postal Xpress N More assist you to ship the packages you need in a quick, reliable fashion. For your convenience we are open 6 days a week, including Saturdays.

Save Money

We Will Price out All the Different Carriers & Delivery Options to Save You Money!  We will help you to find what works best for you and your specific package and delivery needs.  We’ll even tape your box closed for you at no extra charge!

Don’t Wait in Line! We offer fast & friendly service!

LOCAL Package Pick Up – Within Ellicott City Service Area (Under 15 lbs & Travel Fee Applies)

Did you also know that we offer our clients the ability to make their arrangements for shipping services online? CLICK HERE to start your shipping details for packages.

Shipping is a cost of doing business today, no matter how large or small a business may be, now more than ever, shipping products, business papers or other valuable items that keep your business running is vital. Shipping is a way to continue our businesses moving forward. If you need reliable, fast and efficient shipping services, contact our team by phone, email or online at our website, or visit us in person at our Ellicott City store.

We are your resource for shipping which is why we offer the range of shipping services and help you determine which will work most efficiently and cost effectively. We are a one-stop shop for your shipping needs.

Our shipping services stretch across the globe as we offer International Shipping options for you to get your packages where they need to go in the world! Areas of shipping services that we specialize in are global and international shipping options. Many shipping hubs offer the domestic options, but we pride ourselves in keeping up with the international shipping services and what they offer to give our customers the best options for shipping oversees.

If you need to secure your package, add packing or even if you need boxes and packages to ship your items in, we can help as we sell all the sizes and types of shipping materials you need.

Considering the world we live in at this time, shipping gifts to friends, family and clients can be a safe way to touch people. Whether they are across town or across the Atlantic Ocean, we can help you to ship packages, gifts and specialty items to them. We serve the individual consumer as well as business professionals.

In case you are wondering, during COVID-19 all of our employees are adhering to all safety protocols, wearing our masks and social distancing. If you need masks, we have those for sale also in our store!

Is your package an unusual size or weight? Are you shipping food or other items that concern you? Not sure of what types of packing materials you should use? Is your box the right size, height, and color?  All of these are questions we probably heard before! We can help and educate you on these areas of concern when shipping packages, goodies to family & friends, gifts, business items or products.

Our team is fully up to speed on what is what with regard to shipping services.

Bring your boxes, packages and items to be shipped to our locally owned and operated store or make your arrangements for shipping services online at our website. Remember we offer every level of shipping service – USPS, UPS, FedEx and International. We even give a discount – just go to the website to find the code now! We love our customers and strive to provide the fastest, most efficient and friendly services. Shipping packages is super easy with Postal Xpress N More! We’re your Total Shipping Center!

Shipping packages has never been easier or more cost effective at one store, conveniently located at: 10045 Baltimore National Pike, Unit A7 in Ellicott City, Maryland. Need more information or have some specific questions, give us a call at (410) 465-8136.