Gift Ideas for People Who Live Far Away

Now that the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start making your list and checking it twice of who is going to get presents from you. If you find that your list includes friends and family who live far enough away that you can’t hand-deliver your gifts, don’t stress! We are here to help give you a list of gifts that will be easy to ship and will be a hit with the recipients. If you need professionals to help you with your shipping needs, come to Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City! We can help you.


Send someone a gift that will last all year long! Subscription boxes are the new hit this year, and we know that you can find one that aligns with everyone’s hobbies. For example, there are cooking ones, book-of-the-month boxes, seasoning boxes, video games, clothing, the list goes on! You can find a simple and affordable one for everyone.


No one can ever have enough home attire. If you are nervous about shipping glassware or artwork, we understand. However, sending sheets, bath towels, bed sets, and pillows are always a safe and welcome option. See what your recipients are in need of and fulfill that request with a quality, plush item to keep their home feeling cozy.


Whether you choose a stunning bouquet to liven up the room or an edible arrangement they can pick at for a few days, this is a gift people are sure to love. Many folks don’t really need more “things,” but flowers or edible arrangements that do not last forever will get the sentiment across without making your gift end up in a garage sale or a donation pile a few months later. Sending food alone is also a great idea, assuming that it will travel well. We recommend popcorn tins and similar gifts.


These are the best options when you don’t know what to get someone! Whatever your friends or family would prefer, you can find it in a gift basket. Some are handy, others are fun, but you’ll always have a happy recipient. We offer a variety of gift baskets at Postal Xpress N More that we will happily ship for you, from spa night to date night, baseball fan sets to football fan sets. Come see us today and see what the best fit is for you!


Chances are, your gift recipients live somewhere it gets a little bit chilly, at least after the sun goes down. Find a nice sweater to send them and keep them toasty on those winter nights! A cozy wool sweater or soft cashmere will not go unappreciated. With the right choice, you’ll equip them to stay warm at the office all through the night.


Everyone loves a useful electronic device! Depending on your budget, you can get them a variety of tools they will love and that are easy and inexpensive to ship. From Bluetooth headphones portable chargers, you can easily find something useful and much appreciated.


If you want something easy to ship that will give your recipient some freedom, why not send them a gift card? They can purchase whatever they need most that way, and they will undoubtedly be happy about their ability to choose their gift. Not to mention, it’ll cost close to nothing to mail it, regardless of how far it needs to go.


We are happy to be your shipping professionals this holiday season! With services that range from gift baskets to shipping services, you can be sure that we are your one-stop-shop for gift giving. Come see us today!