5 Surprising Custom Rules To Know Before Using Fedex Shipping

When it comes to using FedEx shipping for sending something internationally, there come so many custom rules and regulations to follow. It sometimes seems as a never-ending list when you are standing there at a FedEx shipping center and reading about them. However, you need to abide by these rules as they can be the reason your package doesn’t clear the customs.

While many people are aware of the general do’s and don’ts of international shipping through FedEx, not many will be aware of the surprising regulations we are mentioning here. The individual country’s custom rules and regulation may be unexpected and strange sometimes, but you need to make sure you are following them so that you know what to and what not to export overseas. It would also save you time to visit the FedEx drop location to dispatch a package that may not even clear the customs of the other country.


While edible insects are a trending commodity these days, not all countries of the European Union yet allow to import them. This is due to the difference in the food security rules in different countries. Thus, before you take these edible insects to export them to another country in the European Union though a FedEx shipping center, make sure you know they are allowed in the country you are sending them off to.


France, unlike other countries in the European Union, does not allow the import of creatine. Thus, if you are an exporter of creatine and are using FedEx shipping to send it to France, it will not be cleared from the customs. This is because the sports industry in France is become more regulated as compared to other countries and they are reducing the use of creatine, which is a muscle building product.


If you are an exporter of mother and baby products, you need to know that if you are thinking of exporting milk to China, be prepared as it is no child’s play. When you visit a FedEx drop location to export your milk products in bulk, you will be told you cannot do this. It can however be shipped to private individuals in China but the quantity is limited to just 6 cans to be taken for personal use. The maximum weight allowed for each can is 900 grams. For exporting quantities bigger than this, you need to first register yourself as an exporter with the Chinese authorities and gain approval of the government before visiting the FedEx shipping center to export your milk products.


It is very much possible that the rules of shipping to an international country might have changed from the last time you visited the FedEx drop location. Shipping and export rules keep changing every now and then and to ensure that you do not have to face any hassle, it is better to know about these before you use FedEx shipping.


It may sound absurd, but shipping chewing gum is prohibited into Singapore. Thus, if you are taking a carton of chewing gum to the FedEx shipping center to export it to Singapore, it will not be possible. However, you can send them under license for medicinal and dental hygiene purposes, which involves a lot of paperwork before it is allowed.

These are just some of the unusual rules and regulations followed by different countries when it comes to importing things into their country. They may seem unusual, but this is how customs work and you need to abide by these rules to avoid getting into any trouble. When you visit a FedEx drop location, you can ask the customer service representative about the rules regarding the individual products you are exporting via FedEx shipping and they will further guide you on whether or not you can ship them.

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