Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps Services in Ellicott City, MD

Custom Stamps Made to Order at Postal Xpress N More And Ready The Same Day*.

  • Custom Designed Stamps Made in Minutes!

  • Pricing As Low As $9.99 each!

Custom Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps can be made in many shapes, sizes, and colors. See Examples Below.

Having custom stamps on-hand can both simplify and speed up your life!

  • Our Brother Stamps®  last for a minimum of 50,000 impressions
  • No Messy Ink Pads!  Eliminate the mess involved with ink pads
  • High-Quality Image- Superior stamp quality for a clear, clean stamp impression.
  • Fast Drying- Special stamp ink dries fast, even on lightly coated paper like brochures.
  • SAFE Ink- Non-toxic & non-flammable- Conforms to LHAMA & ASTM D4236 in USA
  • Easy to use Re-Inking Bottle for quick, easy refills of rubber stamps.
  • Environmentally Safe & Clean.

Let Postal Xpress N More be your source for all rubber stamps in Ellicott City, MD — order yours today!

We now offer Pay Pal to pre-order your Pre-inked Rubber Stamps for super-fast pickup.

We Can Make Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps For Any Application:

Turn Signatures, Graphics, Text, Photos and Logos into Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps.
Virtually anything you can create on your computer monitor, we can put on a stamp!

Ideal for Businesses, Libraries, Schools, Hospital, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Personal Applications.

  • Return Address & Internet Address
  • Signature
  • Bank Deposit Endorsement
  • Notary Seal
  • Logos
  • Accounting (“Posted”, “Paid”, etc.)
  • Special Messages
  • Graphics

We sell Re-Inking Bottles (refill ink) in several colors. Black, Red, Blue & Green.

If you have any questions about Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps, please contact us by phone or submit an Order Form with your questions in the Remarks sections and we’ll get back to you ASAP!