Welcome back to Postal Xpress N More’s blog, where we discuss all the reasons we are Ellicott City’s number one choice when it comes to shippingprintingmailbox renting, and more! Today, we would like to share a little more about our printing services. We offer quite a few services, including business card printing, laminating and cutting, binding and finishing, banners, signs, and more! However, one of our popular services that we provide our customers is t-shirt printing. You might be wondering when the right time is to print t-shirts, and today, we would like to list some of our favorite occasions.


What better way to raise money than to sell t-shirts? Whether you are trying to sponsor a charity event or a local children’s sports team, a printed t-shirt might be the perfect thing to sell. Not only will you catch people’s interest, but you’ll also be able to make quite a bit of profit for the cause. For example, the profits of selling the shirt itself may be great, but that isn’t the only way you can make money off of these shirts. You may also be able to reach out to local businesses and get them to purchase space on the back of the shirt for advertising. This gets their name out to the public, and it also indicates that they care about a particular cause.


While you may not want to print shirts for every birthday, it could be fun to make “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” shirts for the entire family for Grandma’s 70th birthday party! This is a wonderful way to make someone feel loved and show the world that you are all there together. If you have younger kids, a t-shirt memento from a birthday party could be the perfect thank-you gift to the guests! Feel free to get creative: a princess-themed birthday would go perfectly with a t-shirt with a tiara on it.


Whether you have a friendly work competition going on, or you just want team gear for your kid’s little league team, show your pride with custom printed t-shirts! You can choose the team name for the front and a catchy slogan for the back, or you can list all the team members on the back for a fun memory of your competitions. While you may not think of your family as your team, we beg to differ! Family reunions are always made more fun when families either get the same shirt or divide up into their immediate families and make team shirts that way! If your family is one that likes to turn reunions into more of an Olympic games type of event, then team t-shirts may be the perfect option.


If you are looking for printing services you can trust when it comes to your t-shirts, then it’s time to contact Postal Xpress N More! We are here to help you print shirts for any occasion you can think of. We will talk to you soon about our printing options!