Marketing For Your Garage Sale

You’ve been watching as the items in your Ellicott City home pile up to the point where it’s unbearable. After much deliberation, you have decided that it’s time to hold a yard sale or a garage sale. Congratulations! You’ve accumulated everything you want to sell, you’ve priced it all, and you’ve organized it. Now that you are ready for the sale, what do you need to do in order to market it the right way? We at Postal Xpress N More want to make sure you have the most successful garage sale ever, so we’ve gathered some of our top marketing tips for you to try.


If you think you can choose any old Saturday to host a successful garage sale, you would be sorely mistaken. Timing is absolutely everything when it comes to a good sale. First, be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If it’s too hot or too cold out, the buyers will avoid coming out. If it’s rainy, you’re even less likely to draw in shoppers. Keep the forecast in mind before you announce an official date. Mild weather will be the best, as people will be morely to come out.

Also, avoid holiday weekends. While these times are great for companies like florists, they aren’t great for garage sales. This is because everyone typically already has plans that don’t involve rummaging through secondhand items for sale.

Finally, try to collaborate with neighbors and other people on the block! The more garage sales there are going on, the more likely everyone is to come out and see what is available. Your garage sale will only have so much, but with everyone else on the block, the odds of finding something worthwhile are much higher.


We now have a wonderful advertising tool at our fingertips! With websites like Craigslist and listings on Facebook, you can now show everyone what you have available before the sale even starts if you choose. The right ad can get thousands of views with no need for you to spend a dime. We recommend posting your sale information about three days before the event. Then, if you really want to draw attention, delete your old post each day and add a new one so it goes to the top of the page. Any event labeled “garage sale,” “yard sale,” or “moving sale” is going to get picked up by the Craigslist yard sale treasure map, which guides garage salers around the town to hit the best garage sales.


Let’s say you drive past a light post where there are two garage sale signs pinned up. The first was written in pen, and you can barely make out the words “garage sale.” The second is professionally printed, clearly says “garage sale, Saturday, 6 am to 4 pm” with an arrow pointing down the street. Which one are you more likely to go to? We guess it’s the one that tells you where you are going with clear hours! For the sake of all the drivers out there, you should choose larger, bolder font to draw attention.

If you really want to get some good signage going, you can always contact Postal Xpress N More. We offer poster printing, as well as sign printing. With custom yard signs, you can point people right in the direction of your big sale. Greet them when they arrive with a big yard sale poster and another poster that details pricing. With clear advertising and pricing, you are more likely to draw people in and make those sales.


Many people will ignore a poorly organized area because they don’t have the patience to sift through something that may not be of any value to them. With that in mind, you should think like a shopper when you organize the layout of your garage sale. Put clothing on racks and organize it based on size, gender, and possibly even color. Organize toys based on age groups. Decide whether you are open to price negotiation or not ahead of time.


Get your garage sale off to the best possible start with great signage and marketing. Order a poster and signs from Postal Xpress N More! The professional appearance will be sure to bring in buyers and help you get rid of your old things.