Did you know that one of the many services that we provide at Postal Xpress N More are fingerprinting services? We can help you with fingerprinting, digital fingerprinting, and fingerprinting cards.

If you are in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, childcare, education, government, police, security, or banking, you may need to have fingerprinting as a requirement of your employment. We are here to assist you! We can provide the traditional fingerprinting cards needed or we also offer digital fingerprinting.

Digital Fingerprinting is the next level of fingerprint technology! Digital fingerprints can be transmitted electronically and shared among agencies. They are more cost effective and many federal, state and other government agencies are now requiring digital fingerprinting.

By capturing your fingerprints electronically with our advanced equipment, we can make your life easier, less messy and results will be more effective. The fingerprint results can then be sent to your designated facility for review in a timely manner.

We can still provide the previous way of fingerprinting by applying the ink to each finger and then, rolling it onto your fingerprint card. However, by using digital fingerprinting, we scan each fingerprint. This way our trained technicians can ensure they are capturing the best possible image.

Our sophisticated equipment is so advanced that the fingerprint images are of the highest quality! We promise to never sell, trade or exchange your personal information other than for the fingerprint background check service you hire us to complete on your behalf.

Another benefit is that you can also generate a printed version of your digital fingerprints as some government agencies will require both versions.

If you are in a profession or industry that requires fingerprinting cards or digital fingerprinting, visit our store and let’s assist you in this process. We will make it fast and easy for you.


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Digital Fingerprinting Services at Postal Xpress N More

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Fingerprint Cards During All Business Hours - Postal Xpress N More | Digital Fingerprinting Services

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Notary and Witness During All Business Hours - Postal Xpress N More | Digital Fingerprinting Services

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