Why You Need Notary Public Services For Your Business In Baltimore

So you’ve started doing business in Baltimore, and you’re excited by the endless possibilities in front of you.

You have found a great partner, rented an office in Ellicott, entered into contracts with sellers – everything is set.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to carry on just fine on the basis of verbal agreements and trust. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect. Chances are that you will end up in court when a relationship goes bad.

It’s your prerogative to legally protect yourself in every sense of the word for when that happens. Making sure that all your documentation is properly notarized is a vital step that most people miss.

What you don’t want is to end up wondering ‘why didn’t I use the notary public near me?’

For those of you who don’t know what a notary public does, think of them as State authorized witnesses for legal documentation. Officially, they verify that the signature on any given document is authentic.

Their seal carries a lot of weight in the courtroom, and can often be the difference-maker when a court is required to settle a dispute.


Legally speaking, you aren’t required to get most of your official documents notarized. There was a time, not too long ago, when some types of documentation had to be notarized to be legally binding, but now not so much.

It’s like an extra layer of protection for your business.

By doing this you give yourself a strategic advantage in any court case that might come up in the future.

If it were my choice, I would find a notary public near me and get it done.

When a notary witnesses your signature and verifies its authenticity on any document, you’re pretty much covered.

In fact, a notary’s seal is so powerful that its presence makes any document self-authenticating as per the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Convinced that your business needs protection? Postal Xpress N More offers high-end notary public services in Ellicott, Maryland. As shipping partners of FedEx, UPS and other couriers, you can get your documents notarized at our facilities and send them on their way right there and then.


We’ve already talked about how a notary public service can legally protect your business interests in Baltimore. But is that all they offer?

The thing about business is that there is an inherent risk involved in every aspect.

You never know if a business will succeed, if it will even be able to breakeven.

You’re also entering into business relationships with strangers based on a few meetings, a couple of phone calls and any other information that you managed to gather.

Yes, research and due diligence help to minimize the risk, but the risk of fraud or breach of contract remains.

You are already under stress dealing with business risk. Why take on the risk of leaving yourself open to litigation too?  Engage a notary public and sleep easier.


What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s your business’s reputation and outlook that dictate how other people deal with you. If you come across as someone who is on top of everything, people are bound to respect you. Even fear you a little.

By getting all your importance legal document notarized, not only are you are legally securing yourself but you are sending out a strong signal to all concerned parties that you are not to be messed with.

You show people that you are a professional who understands business. You tell them that you are running a tight ship and won’t be taken for a ride.  

They say deterrence is better than punishment and it’s true. Engaging a notary public service for your Baltimore-based business helps you deter problem-makers.


You want to send over some signed and verified legal documentation to a business partner, what do you do? You go to a notary public first, get your document notarized, find a shipping service like FedEx and dispatch the documents.

Wouldn’t it be worth your while if you could do both tasks at one place?  

Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott, Maryland is a FedEx shipping partner with certified notary public services available onsite. Our notaries are available everyday during office timings and are experts in all sorts of legal documentation.

You can walk in and we’ll be glad to help you!