Are you ready for your next big travel adventure? Whether you are a seasoned voyager or are hopping on a plane for the very first time, there is a lot to think about. For those of you going on an extended trip, such as a study abroad or a contract job, there is a lot more to keep in mind. Here are some of the top ways to plan for your journey.


Make sure you have all the little details ironed out. Book your flight, choose a hotel or residence, figure out what time you need to leave for the airport, and so on. Having these little details figured out early on will help you feel more confident when the time arrives for you to go. In fact, we recommend creating a deadline or schedule for your preparation. About a week before your trip, you should make a list of what you intend to pack, as well as what sorts of clothing you will be wearing. About two days before your journey, you should do any additional shopping you may need for toiletries or clothing.

For those of you traveling out of the country, making sure you get your passport ahead of time! That’s not something you will want to wait for. For those of you with a passport already, make sure that it has not yet expired.


International travel requires a bit more planning, including exchange money. You don’t want to be stuck with US dollars when you actually are in need of something else. Travelling with only cash is not a wise decision, so be sure to tell your credit card company that you will be traveling aboard. Otherwise, they may assume that any purchases made overseas are fraudulent. Find out where you will be staying and give your contact information to both friends and family. They will know how to reach you, even if you are in a totally different time zone and need to use calling cards.

Also, many other countries have different customs and cultures, so be prepared. Pick up a book and read about the proper manners when out and dining, when socializing, and any other situation you expect to be in. Be prepared to pack your clothing based on what is socially acceptable there. For those of you who need to bring electronics, keep in mind that not everywhere has the same types of outlets we do in America. You can purchase adaptors/converters before you leave.


If you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, or even just for a week, a virtual mailbox could be the perfect solution for your travel concerns. Virtual mailboxes are secure, easy to afford, and ideal for travel. Never miss any communications while you are gone, alleviate your stress about stolen mail, and forget about bribing your friend to get the mail for you! We can help you stay up-to-date on your bills and correspondences no matter where you are.

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