Need a notary to witness a certify a legal document for you and not sure where to find one? Whether you’re drawing up a contract, closing on your dream home, transferring the title of your car, or setting up power of attorney, a notary is a vital part of the process. You may have a friend or coworker who happens to be a notary, but if that’s not the case, you’ll need to know where to find a notary…as well as the kind of notary you need.


At Postal Xpress N More, we pride ourselves on providing a plethora of business services, beyond copying and shipping, so you can knock out as many business related errands as possible in one go. When you run a business, taking time away from work just to have legal documents notarized can be a hassle, and hiring a runner can be costly. When you go on a run strictly for a notary, that takes away time and money that might be better spent elsewhere. That’s why in addition to copying, shipping, gift baskets, mailbox rental, and much more, we also have a notary on staff during all business hours.

Postal Xpress N More also makes processing your legal documents once notarized that much easier. Need your documents scanned in or shipped out once they’re signed? Have it all done in one place. Need a return address? Consider one of our mailbox rentals. Extra copies for your records? Postal Xpress N More has you covered. You can even make utility bill payments while you’re here.


When you hear the word “notary,” typically it refers to a notary public, but it’s important to be sure that’s the case. Someone may be referring to a notary signing agent, which is a different thing altogether. Notary publics are responsible for speaking to the identity of the person signing the legal document. If authenticity is ever called into question, a notary public can verify that they witnessed the document being signed by a particular person. They have little to do with the document itself. A notary signing agent will go over the entire document first to ensure that every signature is where it should be.

When it comes to finding a notary, do you need a notary public or a notary signing agent? Fortunately, Postal Xpress N More both answers the question of “Where can I find a public notary near me?” as well as providing notary signing agents. We have your notary needs covered, whatever they may be.


At Postal Xpress and More, we offer notary services to both businesses and individuals. But if you’re a business, what reason could you have for needing a notary public or notary signing agent? There could be a number of reasons. Law firms, insurance companies, title companies, and car dealerships may find themselves in frequent need of a notary. Even construction companies will probably need a notary to oversee and sign legal documents for them. 

Business involves quite a bit of paperwork, especially legal documents to protect your business from infringement or liability. After all, in business, it’s important to dot every i and cross every t. The slightest oversight can be catastrophic. Even beyond the legal necessity of a notary, having a notary present allows you to feel confident about the transaction. With a notary present, you can be sure that everyone involved in signing is aware of what they’re signing, that every identity can be verified, and that no nuances have been missed. 

Are you looking for notary services near you, whether those of a notary public or a notary signing agent? Get your documents notarized at the same place where you meet all your other business and personal needs. Contact Postal Xpress N More today for more information or come by our store.