How to Get a Vehicle Title in Maryland?

Did you just buy a car or did you get a vehicle as a gift? In any case, you need to get it registered and/or transferred under your name before you can show it off on the roads. Find MD MVA locations near you, and they’ll gladly take care of all your needs!


The simplest way is to find MVA locations near you, submit the required documents, and then sit back and wait! They will do the rest for you. An alternative to this is to visit the Maryland Vehicle Administration department, but that is not recommended as it involves a lot of hassle.

Whether you apply on your own or through MD MVA locations near you, the titles, license plates, registration cards and stickers are mailed on the address provided. 

If You’ve Just Moved to Maryland

If you’ve recently moved to Maryland, you have 60 days to register your vehicle. The following documents will be required for getting your vehicle registered. 

  • Vehicle title of the previous state
  • A statement that proves you’ve filed security interest
  • Inspection certificate issued by the State of Maryland
  • Completed application for Title Certificate 
  • Lease agreement, required only if you’ve opted for a lease
  • Power of Attorney if the vehicle is registered under someone’s else name

If you haven’t paid the loan on your vehicle, you should ask the lien holder to send the title to MVA. Once this has been done, the department will get in touch with you and share details about the payable excise tax. You will then be asked to complete your application, obtain an inspection safety certificate and then submit all required documents. 

If You’ve Recently Purchased a Car

If you already live in Maryland and have just purchased a brand new car, then registering it is your responsibility, and not the dealership’s. The following documents are required for the purpose. 

  • Completed application for obtaining Title Certificate
  • Insurance information
  • Ownership proof like bill of sale
  • Odometer reading 
  • Safety inspection certificate

If You Buy Your Vehicle from a Private Party

Should you buy your vehicle from a private party, it would be registered only when you furnish the following documents. 

  • Completed application for obtaining Title Certificate 
  • Current title under your name
  • Safety certificate 
  • Odometer disclosure statement 
  • Bill of sale


Maryland has deemed it mandatory for all vehicles to be covered by a suitable auto insurance policy before you can drive them. Insurance must be obtained through an approved agent. Please note that the insurance ID card is not accepted as proof. Instead, you must obtain a Maryland Insurance Certification. As per the car insurance laws imposed in the state, you must buy all of the following coverage policies.
  • Liability Coverage: This insurance pays for injuries and damages incurred in a car accident that occurs because of your fault. You must buy the required minimum coverage amount for bodily injury per person, total bodily injury per accident and property damage set by the state.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Though car insurance is mandatory, many drivers are still uninsured. This coverage pays for your damages if you’re caught in an auto accident that is a fault of these drivers. 
  • Personal Injury Protection Coverage: Personal Injury Protection or non-fault car instance pays for medical costs that incur after the accident


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