Top Ways to Organize Your Home Business

People who work at a regular office usually have the benefit of someone else running the organizational things for them, but those who work at home have to figure out a system that works all on their own. Organization is the key to any business running successfully, but when you work from home, this is very much the case. Not only do you need to have a space that is visually pleasing, but you need to know where everything is located in order to let business run smoothly. Here are some of the top tips we have when it comes to keeping your home office organized:


While you might think you don’t need a filing cabinet for everything, we have to respectfully disagree. A filing system can help you find anything important you might need quickly, and it will minimize the look of clutter in your office. No more rifling through papers for hours trying to find that client’s information from six months ago! You can do this manually with a filing cabinet (preferably with a lock and fireproof materials, just to be on the safe side), or you can turn everything electronic. Just be cautious with electronic files—always create a backup of your hard drive. Also, keep the really important documents in your desk just in case something should happen to the hard drive.

We promise that filing is going to make everything a lot easier. When tax season rolls around, you’ll be able to access all your pay stubs, receipts, and whatever else you need in one place. If you need any documents to be shredding professionally, bring them into Postal Xpress N More!


The main reason your home office gets cluttered in the first place is likely because you are still hanging onto old paperwork and inventory that you no longer need. Take some time a few times each year to go through everything and get rid of whatever you don’t need anymore. This includes old or broken office supplies, outdated equipment, and damaged electronics. You can recycle these items and feel better about the space in your home office.


We mean cleaning your computer physically, but we also mean going through all of your files you have on your desktop. An unorganized desktop might make your computer run slower, but it can also make finding what you need near impossible. Take some time to delete anything you don’t use anymore. This will increase your storage space and help you as you move forward with work. Just be sure to use multiple folders on your computer for each task so you’ll know where to go when you need to access something specific.


Now is the time to make everything digital when it comes to organization! Feel free to also have a physical calendar in your space to help you keep track of things if that helps. However, by putting your necessary obligations and tasks in the cloud, you can add and edit things from any device. You can also grant permissions for others to add in appointments as you go. Also, electronic events can be programmed to give you alerts as the time approaches. No more missing meetings or deadlines!


Setting aside space for all of your office gadgets and tools will help you keep your work area clear of mess. Feel free to find some storage boxes that appeal to you, or perhaps on-desk organizers for pencils, calculators, paper clips, and so on. This will ensure that everything you have is easily accessed, but not in the way of your work. If your line of work depends on quite a few electronic devices, it might be worth your while to look into USB hubs. They allow you to plug several devices into one power source, meaning that you won’t need as many outlets as you might think.


Working from home often means being surrounded by distractions. Creating limits will help others respect your workspace and time. For example, if you are in your office, the others in the home should know that you can only be distracted if there is an emergency. By setting up certain working hours and sticking to them, it will demonstrate to yourself that you treat your home office like a real office. That mentality can improve your productivity, and it can even help your finances when it comes time to file your taxes.


Separating your home from your work is essential, especially when it comes to your incoming and outgoing mail. That’s why we highly recommend that you choose a virtual mailbox! We can alert you when something new has come in, and you can have one from anywhere to reap the benefits. Keep your home address and your business address separate as well for the sake of your privacy. If you would like to learn more about virtual mailboxes and your option, please contact Postal Xpress N More today.

We would also be delighted to help you with any other business needs you may have, including shipping, copying, printing, shredding, and more. When it comes to running your business smoothly and comfortably, including separating work life from home life, Postal Xpress N More is here to help.