Did you know that Postal Xpress N More offers a mailbox rental service you can use for personal or business matters? Regardless of what your needs may be, we are certain that our mailbox rental services can help. In case you’ve ever wondered about the history of mail delivery and mailboxes specifically, we are here to share the details with you!


Before the 1850’s, mailboxes were not in existence. Once postage stamps were invented and began to be used all over the nation, they allowed more freedom to those who wanted to send letters. The creation of stamps meant that people no longer had to buy postage from their local post office.


In 1863, mailboxes became necessary when each city began to offer Free City Delivery. A letter carrier, or mailman, would deliver mail straight to people’s doorsteps without charging them any money. While mailboxes were helpful to have at this time, it wasn’t until 1923 when every house was required to have a mailbox or a letter slot, at the very least. That way, mail was more secure, and it was more likely that residents would receive their mail.


You may have seen some large and interesting mailboxes before, but for the most part, mailboxes tend to look the same. This is because the U.S. Postal Service required that the mailboxes for homes had enough space to hold small packages and magazines. They also insisted that these mailboxes would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Finally, they wanted each mailbox to have a way to signal that there was a letting inside the box or that a package had been placed inside.

In 1915, the tunnel style mailbox was designed by a post office employee named Roy J. Joroleman, which was also an engineer. In more urban areas, mailboxes and letter slots were designed so that they could be built into the outside of the home.


In the 1850s, collection mailboxes began to be installed on lamp posts. These were built so people wouldn’t have to go all the way to the post office to send their mail. By 1894, the model changed from lamp posts to free-standing mailboxes.


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