Top Benefits to Mailbox Rental

Did you know that Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City offers shipping, mailing, copying, and mailbox rental services? While these first three aren’t very surprising, we do get a few people who ask about our mailbox rental program and ask how a rental mailbox could help them. With one of our mailbox rentals, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and conveniently you’ll be able to handle your mailing in a professional way. Here are a few of the added benefits that can come from renting a mailbox with us at Postal Xpress N More:


For those of you who are running small businesses out of your homes, it can be worrisome to use your home address on professional mailings. By using a mailbox rental, you can keep your address private and still send mail and packages professionally.


We understand the anxiety that can come from having an expensive item delivered to your door with no way for you to receive the package when it arrives. That item may be sitting on your front steps for hours, depending on when you arrive home! When you have a mailbox rental, we can assure you that anything you receive will be well taken care of until you are able to come in and pick up the package. If you can’t come immediately, don’t worry – we can hold onto your mail for as long as you need.


We can contact you via email or text message to let you know when you receive a letter or package. This means that you won’t have any wasted trips when it comes to picking up your mail from us! We can also receive packages that require someone to sign for them. You won’t miss any package arrivals, and our staff will safely hold onto your package until you can come get it when it is most convenient for you. And, if that isn’t enough, we also provide mail forwarding services for you. If you are away, we would be happy to forward your mail to you so you won’t have to wait until you come back to receive it.


If you move around a lot, or perhaps have a vacation home someplace else, we know how tedious it can be to have someone else take care of your mail. Changing your address through the post office time and time again can also be stressful and irritating. When you decide to rent a mailbox with us, your address may be constantly changing, but we can guarantee that your mailing address won’t.


If you want to learn more about our mailbox rental program, be sure to contact Ellicott City’s shipping, copying, and mailing professionals at Postal Xpress N More! Our mailboxes are perfect for business owners, those of you who travel frequently, or anyone who desires additional privacy and assistance when it comes to their mail. With the convenience, flexibility, privacy, and security that these mailboxes provide, we encourage everyone to give us a call and ask about our rental mailbox program. Reach out today to learn more and sign up for one of your very own!