Whether you’re a crafting professional who is distributing glassware to collectors, or if you just want to send a fragile vase to a loved one, it’s important that you know how to package your items so that they don’t crack or break! Check out the following tips to make sure that everything you send from Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City arrives in one piece:


If the item you are shipping is hollow, like a vase or jar, gently pack the inside, if possible. We recommend using crumpled paper, plastic bags, foam peanuts, whatever works for you! Make sure the packing is firm, as this can help prevent internal cracks.


You can get creative with your padded material. We recommend using items like bubble wrap, plastic bags, tissue paper, newspaper, and even old towels you wouldn’t mind parting with. Just make sure that your fragile item will be able to withstand a little bit of impact during the shipping process. If your piece has part of it protruding, like handles on a vase, be sure to pad those areas heavily.people out there avoid giving their business to those who work out of their homes because they are unsure of what to expect. A business with a physical location helps provide a look of professionalism that potential clients are looking for.


In order to make sure that your item has enough room to not be destroyed if the box gets a little smooshed, make sure to choose a box that gives your item around 2 inches of space either side. However, do your best to not choose a box with too much space, as this can lead to your item bouncing around inside during transport. Place about 3 inches or so of padding in the bottom of the box underneath the item, as well as 3 inches of padding on the top of the box after you’ve put the item inside. The box should be secure and snug when you close it for good!


After you have securely packaged your item, gently shake the box back and forth. If you hear or feel anything moving inside, we recommend adding more padding. Once everything inside is sturdy and ready to go, feel free to secure the box and send it on its way!


To be completely sure that your package will make it to the destination intact, feel free to package this first box inside a second padded box. This can add vital stiffness that will help your item ship safely and arrive in one piece.


We are Ellicott City’s shipping professionals, and we are here to help you ship your items safely to their destination. When you are looking for a company you can trust with your shipping needs, be sure to turn to Postal Xpress N More! Our team is here to help you find the best way to ship your items, give you the best price, and provide you with the tools needed to track your shipment and ensure that it makes it there safely. Call us today if you have any questions about shipping or any of our other services!