How to Best Utilize the Fedex Drop-off Near My Location

Need important documentation to reach your international partners overnight?

Maybe there is a product sample you want shipped to a potential buyer across town on the same day?

When you’re in a business where speed of delivery is paramount to your success, you need shipping services that can back your play. FedEx express shipping in conjunction with their extensive drop box network is exactly what you need.

FedEx has been around for awhile now, and has grown to become one of the largest courier services worldwide. There are over 1,900 FedEx store locations across the US and abroad and another 40,000 drop boxes spread throughout.

Having said this, many people are still not sure how to get the best out of FedEx express shipping. Sometimes they have trouble finding FedEx locations near them. On others, they aren’t sure how to track their packages or make sure that they don’t lose them.


If you’ve ever wondered ‘is there is a FedEx drop off near my location’, chances are that there is – especially if you live in a busy area with a lot of foot traffic. FedEx has made a conscious effort on its part to facilitate all such locales to provide ease of use to customers.

For instance, if you are looking for a FedEx store location in the Baltimore area, Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City is your best bet. We are authorized FedEx shipping partners with an exceptional customer service to boot.

If you live somewhere a little more remote, there might not be a drop box nearby. But you can still locate one quite easily through FedEx’s online drop box locator tool. You type in your address, starting with the Zip code and moving onto street address. The tool will tell you the address of the nearest drop box in no time.      


I have just found a FedEx drop-off near my location, what do I do next?

Labeling and dispatching a package is quite easy and foolproof. You start by preparing your box. It shouldn’t be more than 20x12x6 inches in size. Pack it well. Make sure it’s stable and secure.

It’s always better to use boxes provided by FedEx so that you don’t go over the size limit, in which case, FedEx may reject your package. You can find these boxes at all FedEx store locations. Or if you are confident that your own box meets the measurement criteria, go ahead and use it.

You will create a shipping label online at which time you will also pay for it. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also find a label on the top of the physical drop box. Fill it out with your credit card number and other details. If you have an existing account with FedEx, all you need is the account number.

Next, stick the label onto the side of your package, and put it into the drop box. Make sure it is securely inside. You don’t want to risk someone else taking it out.

Every box has the pickup timing denoted on its top right hand corner. Where the drop box has already been emptied that day, your package will be picked up the next day. Some FedEx locations even offer pickups on Saturday.


Once you’ve sent out your package, the real wait begins. If it is something important, you could be on the edge hoping that it doesn’t get lost or that it reaches its destination on time.

The good news is that you can track your package even when you use a drop box. You will be given a tracking number for this purpose.


When using FedEx drop box, there are certain things that you need to be careful about. You can’t ship hazardous or dangerous goods through the drop box. If you do this regardless, your shipment might get rejected.

Since drop boxes work with FedEx express shipping only, charges are largely dependent on the weight of your package. Before you put something in the drop box, make sure you know what it weighs and what you’ll have to pay. You don’t want any unwanted surprises later.

Last but not the least, it’s always best to find a FedEx location with people that can help you address any questions you may have before using a drop off service. It’s no good going in confused and leaving worried. Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City, Maryland goes out of its way to help customers make sure they get the best out of their service.