Everyday Services You Can Find At Postal Xpress N More

It’s your day off. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep in, grab a coffee with a friend, stop for a manicure or tee off at the driving range? Oh, wait. You can’t because you have all those errands and this is the only day you can get them done. Too bad there isn’t a way to narrow down the amount of stops you have to make. Lucky for you, there is. 

Postal Xpress N More in Ellicott City, Maryland, is the one-stop-shop for all your everyday needs. It’s hard to believe that one place can provide services ranging from digital fingerprinting to customized gift baskets. But believe it, because Postal Xpress N More can meet all those needs and more! “What else could they possibly do?” you may ask. Well, keep reading to find out.

Everyday Services at Postal Xpress N More

Here are some of our most popular everyday services:

  • Shipping. Postal Xpress N More has made shipping easy. We offer many shipping services through major shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and others. No more running around to find those drop-off locations. No matter what you want to ship and where you want to ship it, our shipping professionals will help you find the most efficient way to ship your package. 
  • Printing and Copying. Don’t waste any more of your printer’s ink. At Postal Xpress N More, you can expand your business by customizing and printing your own business cards and putting your logo on a variety of items. Simplify your job search by using our superior copying services to get your resume ready. You can even bump your family gathering up a notch by personalizing matching T-shirts. There’s no limit to what you can do. Find out every printing service we offer here.
  • Greeting Cards. Don’t forget to get that special someone a Valentine’s Day card! Not only are we known for our efficient shipping services but for carrying unique greeting cards, as well. We carry one-of-a-kind cards for every occasion. Now there’s no excuse for buying those boring, generic cards at your local grocery store. If you need a little something extra to go inside that greeting card, we even have gift cards.
  • Mail and Package Management. Create a virtual mail account with us so you can manage and view your mail online from anyplace. Regardless of where you are or what device you are on, you’ll be able to deposit checks, forward your mail, and scan, view, and store documents. You’ll no longer need to google “mailboxes near me.”
  • Document Scanning and Shredding. Looking to declutter your papers and go digital? Take advantage of our document scanning and imaging services that can minimize the space of filing cabinets to a small flash drive. Then, keep your information safe by shredding sensitive documents that are no longer needed. Preserve all those family memories of baby’s first Christmas or grandma’s 75th birthday!

Don’t wait in a long line at the DMV or post office again. Next time you’re in need of doing those tedious chores like shipping and paying bills, cut down the hours you spend running from place to place and think of Postal Xpress N More. Contact us today and with the touch of a finger, you can get all your business and personal needs done in one place. 

Now, how about that cup of coffee?