We know that most of you probably don’t think that business cards are that important, but we disagree. We live in a digital society these days, but that doesn’t mean that online is always the way to do things. Here are a few reasons why we, your Ellicott City printing experts at Postal Xpress N More, believe you should order business cards to set your business apart from the competition.


Think about it: Does anyone who sends you an introduction email really make that much of an impression on you? Networking is about actually connecting with people who impress and interest you. If you send information over text or email on the spot, this is very convenient, but it also allows your potential connection to forget about you. With a business card, they can easily type the information into their phone after you two have finished your conversation.


Marketing isn’t just about being able to send out emails and get people to sign up for your mailing list. It’s about being able to connect with anyone, anywhere, and let them know what exactly it is that your business can offer them. You might be able to find a lead or future contact anywhere, including the airport, the mall, a restaurant, happy hour, tradeshows, conferences – the list goes on. When you have a business card on you at all times, you will never be caught unprepared when making a new and potentially beneficial business connection. Keep some with you at all times to ensure that you are always ready.


Your brand is unique and attractive, which is why you receive so much business. A business card is a wonderful way to give an accurate impression of your company and what you are all about. The good news is that a memorable business card does a lot more than pass on and email address and phone number. By choosing some sort of unique material, color, or design, your conversation won’t end with the business card exchange. In fact, these cards can actually encourage more conversation!


Business cards that stand out will always be shown off by the recipient. If your card has some sort of creative and awe-inspiring message or design, the recipient is much more likely to share it with their friends and colleagues. Why? Because your card is unique and interesting!


Let’s say you meet two people on the street who you may want to do business with. One is scrambling to find a pen and a napkin to write his information on, while the other one hands you a business card. Who seems more prepared and professional in this situation? We want you to be the one who has the business card on hand, successfully proving that you are ready to go at all times.


Come see your Ellicott City printing professionals at Postal Xpress N More for a business card design you and your clients are sure to love!