Fingerprinting and Background Checks

If you have ever applied for a job in a secure industry, including the government, a bank, or working with children, it’s likely that you have had to undergo fingerprinting. More and more organizations these days require background checks for housing and employment alike, and fingerprinting is no different! Read on to learn more about fingerprinting and what your potential employers can learn about you when you go through a fingerprinting background check.


There are many reasons why the government stores fingerprints, including those who apply for citizenship, those who are looking for employment, any arrests, and military service. When the government collects your fingerprint, they also store any data that they collected through written forms or oral answers with your fingerprint file. Much like your social security number, the government keeps track of your fingerprint to keep more information about you if needed. When a business or an organization needs a fingerprint to allow you employment or anything else, that business will make a formal request to have access to this information.


Fingerprints reveal all standard information, including your date of birth, address, name, employment, and any arrests. The fingerprint database that the FBI keeps track of will also include the dates of your arrest, your charges, and what the outcome of the charge was. Simple police reports are often linked to these records, which might include vehicle accidents, any statements you have made, and even insurance information.

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month to receive the results of a fingerprinting background check in the mail. However, you can also choose electronic application, which is typically faster. Each state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to background checks, so be sure you know the laws before applying for a job that you may not be qualified for, depending on the outcome of your background check.


You’ll find that most businesses will perform a basic background check, but a business that requires fingerprinting usually has very strict regulations about who can and cannot be employed there. This includes any law enforcement agency, the fire department, as well as hospitals. You can also expect to be fingerprinted if you hope to work for the government, including public school and airports. Some states require fingerprinting for anyone who works with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable people. Any job that requires the employee to handle money directly or hazardous chemicals is also likely to require that all applicants be screened through fingerprinting.


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