1. 5 Reasons You Might Need Notary Services

    At Postal Xpress N More, we’re happy to offer our customers an on-site notary public in Ellicott City, MD as well as a notary signing agent available by appointment. By using our notary public Monday through Sunday, you can much more easily fit your notary needs into your schedule, often while accomplishing your other business or personal needs in the same place.  That’s all well and good, bu…Read More

  2. How Our Shipping Services Can Help You This Holiday Season

    The holidays are upon us! In addition to the season for widespread cheer, time with distant family, and big, delicious dinners, the holiday season is also a time for shipping. Whether you’re an individual sending presents to loved ones who can’t be with you this year or a craft business with massive orders going out around the holiday season, chances are you’ll need shipping services someti…Read More

  3. How To Find A Notary Near Me

    Need a notary to witness a certify a legal document for you and not sure where to find one? Whether you’re drawing up a contract, closing on your dream home, transferring the title of your car, or setting up power of attorney, a notary is a vital part of the process. You may have a friend or coworker who happens to be a notary, but if that’s not the case, you’ll need to know where to find a …Read More

  4. Notary Services: A Complete Guide

    A notary public or public notary verifies the authenticity of your important transactions. It is only after they have consented that you can close a home sale to obtain the keys, establish power of attorney or open a retirement savings account. A notary public is an official who is responsible for identifying and deterring fraud. These individuals witness the signing of important documents, verify…Read More