1. How To Find A Notary Near Me

    Need a notary to witness a certify a legal document for you and not sure where to find one? Whether you’re drawing up a contract, closing on your dream home, transferring the title of your car, or setting up power of attorney, a notary is a vital part of the process. You may have a friend or coworker who happens to be a notary, but if that’s not the case, you’ll need to know where to find a …Read More

  2. Notary Services: A Complete Guide

    A notary public or public notary verifies the authenticity of your important transactions. It is only after they have consented that you can close a home sale to obtain the keys, establish power of attorney or open a retirement savings account. A notary public is an official who is responsible for identifying and deterring fraud. These individuals witness the signing of important documents, verify…Read More